Delivering solutions for corporates and institutions

With his knowledge, training and experience Roger can help you;

  • Deliver personalised public disorder and protest threat advice and briefings.
  • Provide guidance on the processes involved in reselience and emergency management including; risk assessment, preparation & planning, response and recovery.
  • Create and develop products for the UK resilience market.
  • Understand UK policing practices, procedures and processes.
  • Advice, plan and manage security management for events
  • Provide tailored security risk advice and staff awareness briefings
  • Review emergency centre operations
  • Resolve complex event planning issues.
  • Develop command and control, decision making and emergency centre processes to manage events or a crises.
  • Mentor individuals and teams.


Roger offers advice, training and consultancy support to businesses to protect their people, buildings and information. Services available:

  • Conduct a Security Review:  An examination of the threats, vulnerabilities and an assessment of the risks; protective security arrangements; and security culture (how the organisation engages and communicates with staff reflects its commitment to safety and security). 
  • Audit of Emergency Prepardness:  to bring to the attention any weaknesses in the organisations prepardness to responsd to, and recover from an emergency in order to fulfil its duties under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. 
  • Safety and Security Planning:  The production of a security plan in response to the risk assessment, the formulation of other contingency plans, liaising with the police, other emergency services and local authorities, ensuring security measures are implemented and tested and developing staff awareness briefings.  Effective security plans are simple, clear and flexible but also compatible with existing arrangements, such as evacuation plans and fire safety procedures. Plans need to be reviewed and tested regularly.
  • Staff Awareness Briefings: The aim of these briefings is to inform staff of the general and specific safety and security risks and identify good practice security habits for all employees.  Depending on the business need travel security can be included.  The recent high profile attacks in Europe, the Middle East and Asia make this both topical and relevant.
  • Event Planning: The aim is to give security advice to those who are responsible for organising business events, irrespective of scale and capacity and is not specific to any particular type of event or the number or nature of the people who host or attend. We will help develop the plan, based on a reasonably foreseeable risk assessment, command and control, decision making and emergency processes to manage events which occur as part of the business operations.