Training and facilitation

With his knowledge, training and experience Roger can:

  • Provide training needs analysis.
  • Design, and deliver training products to develop and test contingency plans for crises management and business continuity; this includes ‘what if…’ exercises and workshops.
  • Provide a debrief to identify individual and organisational learning.
  • Present at conferences or seminars or provide briefings.
  • Examples of courses available:
    • Civil Protection Workshop: The aim of this training is to provide an introduction to the UK approach to building National Resilience, emphasising the key phases of integrated emergency management: Anticipate—Assess— Prevent— Prepare— Respond—Recover; ultimately ensuring that the business is well prepared and able to 'bounce back' from a crisis or emergency.
    • Strategic/Tactical Leadership Course: In a crisis, leaders are expected to reduce uncertainty and provide an authoritative account of what is going on, why it is happening and what needs to be done.  The aim of this course is to prepare attendees for the role of a Gold /Strategic or Tactical/Silver Commander for the response to and recovery from a Crisis/Emergency/Major Incident/Disaster.
    • Crises, Emergency and Disaster Management Workshop The aim is to gain an understanding of the UK approach through stimulating discussion and exercises, with a focus on roles and responsibilities, the core competencies (situation – direction – action) and identifying good practice. A business continuity strategy is essential in ensuring that business can simultaneously respond to an incident and return to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible, building in business resilience to the response phase.  
    • Crisis Management Team Process ExerciseThe aim is to provide an opportunity to validate the crisis management arrangements and capability. We design and deliver reasonable worst case exercises to develop and test contingency plans for crises management and business continuity; this includes ‘what if…’ exercises.
    • The Public Disorder and Protest Threat Workshop: The aim of this training is to gain an understanding of the risk, potential impacts, mitigation and legal position.
    • Security Awareness Workshop: The aim is to inform staff of the general and specific safety and security risks and identify good practice security habits for all employees.  Depending on the business need travel security can be included.  The recent high profile attacks in Europe, the Middle East and Asia make this both topical and relevant.